1. Any violation to terms and condition will charge 500/- per person and no reward will be given. Maybe possible that match get cancel.
  2. Errors or any kind of problems from your side are not our responsibility and no refund or reward will given.
  3. Please note that If you will not able to reach to match on declared date and time then you will not get any reward or refund.
  4. If there is error or any kind of problem from our side then we will refund your fees to you and match will cancel.
  5. Whatever information we collect from you should be 100% correct or might you will not get refund or reward based on situation.
  6. Refund and Reward are given to same account from which fees are collected. We do not support other account or any other option.
  7. There are minimum amount for reward which are mentioned above. You must have minimum amount to get reward.
  8. Reward or Refund will be given within one week or may take longer in bad situation.
  9. Reward and Refund are accepted online through Paytm payment System and for other option please contact us by contact us form link is given below.
  10. To get reward or refund you have to fill up our reward or refund form with proof. For proof we require screenshot of your winning screen or errors or whatever is problem.
  11. Mobile and Computer players both are allowed in match. All mobile and computer players will play together.
  12. Once you paid fees for tournament, it will not be refunded in any cases.
  13. You will not speak any bad word or you will not use bad language or you will not do anything bad with anyone.
  14. To play game in this Tournament or to get reward or refund you must follow this terms and conditions.
  15. If we don’t get enough player for match then we will extend date or you can get refund but you have to contact us on support@crystalx4.com
  16. You will not share any kind of you information with other players
  17. we are not responsible for any of your actions.
  18. If you find someone cheating then take that person player id also take screenshot and mail us at support@crystalx4.com with all details. record video if possible.
  19. you can come in squad or you will be played with random players, might possible you will not get team in some bad situations. We recommend you with team.
  20. we will update our terms and conditions based on requirement here!
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