Mobiles' CPU

Mobiles' CPU

        Without CPU and GPU mobiles look like Nokia 3310 and its looking colorless. So, man king discovered such things which help these devises to make it colorful. Many CPU and GPU are available in market but which is good and better for us and little info about them.  

                        mediatek vs snapdragon vs exynos vs kirin given below

       snapdragon series are like 400, 600,800 and exynos series are like 6000, 7000, 8000, 9000 are both have same feature and powerr. Samsung Exynos 9810, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 and Kirin 970 are the best processors ever announced in the past few months.

Kirin series 650,700,900

      Kirin 970 is one of best chipset of huawei’s Smartphone. Its have GPU ARM Mali G72 MP12 . its available in 20000INR to 25000INR. And is similar like 835 SD. Kirin 655 is similar performance 636 SD.

Exynos 9810

      Samsung exynos second number android best phone chipset. Like 845 SD. Its consist GPU ARM Mali G72 MP18 . exynos 8000 series is similar like SD 800 series . GPU are fixed with CPU…. they have little different performance with their series like 400,500,600.

Currently best mid budget CPU and GPu is 625 , which is bestest balance chip-set..

        One of best processor for android is 845 which available at Rs 30000 with consist adreno 640 which is one the best GPU by snapdragon. Apple’s Smartphone  CPU and GPU have also number one but its little bit more expensive ….than Android CPU and GPU.

MediaTak VS SnapDragon info

Snapdragons Chip-set info


Snapdragon 800 Series(Rs30000 up)

Experience the ultimate in advanced processing power and efficiency with the Snapdragon 800 series of mobile platforms. With multi-core CPUs, 4G LTE connectivity, and processors are designed to support leading-edge mobile performance.

Available CPU in this series Snapdragon 845, Snapdragon 835, Snapdragon 821, Snapdragon 820

Snapdragon 700 Series(-)

Provide in-demand premium user experiences at a lower price point than previously available. Differentiate your smartphones from the competition with premium tier features like the Qualcomm® Artificial Intelligence Engine (AIE) and brand-new processing architecture for improved performance and efficiency.

Snapdragon 710

Snapdragon 600 Series(Mid Budget)

Deliver exceptional user experiences with Snapdragon 600 series platforms. Engineered to enable fast uploads and downloads for powerful smartphones, Snapdragon 600 platforms feature a tightly integrated on-board computing system that reduces power usage while maximizing performance.

Snapdragon 660Snapdragon 653Snapdragon 652Snapdragon 650Snapdragon 636Snapdragon 630Snapdragon 626Snapdragon 625


Snapdragon 400 Series(Rs5000 to Rs10000)

With Snapdragon 400 series platforms, OEMs can deliver the most popular smartphone features, including high-fidelity audio, Full HD displays, high-megapixel cameras and optimized Internet connectivity. Designed for mid-tier phones, Snapdragon 400 series platforms offer high-performance functionality at an affordable price point.

Snapdragon 450,Snapdragon 435,Snapdragon 430,Snapdragon 427

Qualcomm 200 Series(low budget)

 Our Qualcomm® 200 series platforms combine functionality with practicality to support cost-conscious smartphones that deliver an excellent user experience. With support for fundamental mobile applications, this series provides vibrant HD visuals, premium multichannel audio and smooth app navigation, all while optimizing battery life.

Snapdragon 212, Qualcomm 205

Best GPU(Graphic Progressing Unit)

  1. PowerVR GT7XT Series. PowerVr GT7XT is the fastest GPU series for smartphones. …
  2. Nvidia Tegra X1. It is the second fastest GPU in the market right now for tablets and mobile with the architecture called Maxwell. …
  3. Apple A10 Fusion / PowerVR. …
  4. Qualcomm Adreno 540. …
  5. Mali-G71 MP20. …
  6. Mali-G71 MP8. …
  7. Qualcomm Adreno 530

       Available with different CPU and they fix with chip-set.

GPU works 

Better GPU are available with  high budgets CPU.

           The GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is a specialized circuit designed to accelerate the image output in a frame buffer intended for output to a display.GPUs are very efficient at manipulating computer graphics and are generally more effective than general-purpose CPUs for algorithms where processing of large blocks of data is done in parallel.

          Modern smartphones are equipped with advanced embedded chipsets that can do many different tasks depending on their programming. GPUs are an essential part of those chipsets and as mobile games are pushing the boundaries of their capabilities, the GPU performance is becoming increasingly important.

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