Laptop Buying Guide

Laptop Buying Guide

             Smartphone is device that we all have. At least one member has a smartphone inside the house. Nowdays we have got so many devices that keep a backup, study, video editing,business ,gaming and professional use. So for all these things we need a laptop.

                      When we pick up the laptop we do not know which laptop is best for us. First of all I have noticed some points here. you can focus on it if you are going to buy a laptop such as…

                       (1)CPU , (2)GPU , (3)RAM , (4)Storage , (5)Screen ,(6)Battery

                        And there are some points that you can focus on such as…

                       (1)Keypad light ,(2)Numeric keypad, (3) weight , (4)ports , (5)OS

                        All this is the point that matter some people and not for some people .First of all, we talk about the CPU. When we do a processing on computer, it handles our CPU. The CPU is a computer’s brain in a way. In general , there are intel and AMD CPUs in market. Intel’s CPU is mostly seen in market and I will also recommend you that you buy an Intel CPU.

                        GPU:- GPU is a graphic card that does all the things realeted to graphics such as gaming, video editing, live stream. If your work is related to the graphics then you can focus on a graphics card or if your work is not related to graphics then you can focus on CPU

                         RAM:- RAM is a form of computer data storage that stores data. A RAM allows data items to be read or written in almost the same amount of time irrespective of the physical location of data inside the memory. The more the RAM will be able to load more data, the CPU is able to process it. The more RAM you are, the better it will be for you and I will recommend to you that if you take a laptop then it should have minimum 4 GB RAM.

                          Storage:-In store you will get two options: HDD and SSD. HDD is much cheaper and more. Nowdays , you will get 1 TB HDD in low budget. SSD is quit expensive and more fast. If you want more performance then you can purchase SSD If you want less performance you can take also HDD.

                          Screen:- In screen you should get a 15.6 inch full HD display. If you get an anti-glare display then select it first. If you take less than 15.6 inch display you do not have much fun in the experience.

                          If your work is overnight then you must have a light keypad. If your work is account related , then you have Numeric keypad where you get a second keypad with the keypad. If you take a laptop for business or study then you have to take the laptop from one place to another and if you have  a lot of weight for the laptop then you have trouble , so if the weight of the laptop less then you get more profit. You can buy a laptop that has more ports because if the ports are more then you can use more different USB ports simultaneously.

                           If you buy an apple laptop, you get to see it in the Mac OS and if you buy a laptop to another company , then you can see both windows and the Linux OS. Select the company whose service station is near you. If the company new then do not buy it. First check review of company then buy it. Now I will tell you to buy a laptop online or offline. If you are more different in the price of online and offline then you can buy laptop online.  Many of my friends buy laptop online and it runs without any difficulty.

                            First of all ,I will tell you what your budget should be accourding to your usage. If you want to do small tasks, want to backup your device and if you are taking a laptop for study. So you should decide your budget according to normal usage and in this budget you will get a good laptop within 35000rs.

                            If you are medium user and if you need a little more performance then you should get a good laptop between 35000 to 50000. You do not need to go for more than 50000 because within this budget you will find a good laptop.

                            If you want to do gaming, video editing, live streaming so your budget should be between 50000 to 70000.  In this budget you will find many options of gaming laptops.

                            If you are an extreme user If you want to play latest games on more fps and if you want to edit 4k video so you can go 70000 up. Otherwise you do not need to have so much budget.

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