How to make a Trigger at Home For mobile or phone

How to make a Trigger at Home For mobile or phone

Welcome, How to make Trigger for phone/mobile at home.

        By using of Trigger, Our gaming experience is improve like pro player and its helpfull. For making trigger its have few simple spets.

     For making trigger at home you must following below step.

Step 1:- Which martial you need

       You need Scissors, little cardboard paper, hard wire, tapes, wire cuter, pen and main aluminum foil. Make sure you have all of these instruments as showing above. Make sure hard wire which you have its main to make shape of trigger and its must be not banding easily. Its wire which similar like rode(which diameter is small) and etc. all instrument showing in image 1. In image 2 you can set buttons as you like as shown. looks set button in game (you can change it as you like.)

Step 3:- Take the small peace of wire

          Take the wire and cut in to small peace, use that wire on ‘T’ shape on cardboard paper which you cut in step 2. On body of phone fix cardboard, wire fix on it as shown in photos 4. Make sure its not move from its place. can you fix wire position

Step 5:- Use of aluminum foil

          Fold the foil in small line and stick with the step 4 final result. Cover it with tape as shown in photo. Make sure its not in parts and two parts of its one is touch on the mobile screen and second is open to touch by our Finger. Make as shown in image 6 and image 7.

step 5 fold as shown
6. Fold the Foil as shown
7. As shown Fix the foil on trigger
1.martial which you need

Step 2:- Take the card board paper

        Cut the cardboard paper in the ‘T’ shape. As shown in image. And make make try at your phone. Fix it shape if it not fit on the phone or it is bigger to make smaller at your phone body. As shown in photo 3.




3.How fix paper on phone.

Step 4:- Cover its with tap

       As shown in photo 5, cover with the tape and make sure that any mettle  part is not open if it is that make many issues with aluminum foil.



5.Cover the base body of trigger as shown

Step 6:- How use

         By above all step five its ready to use. First you set buttons in game which you like. Lock the screen and fix on display it. And unlock the display though its not work.

8. How cover the tap and as shown you must give like finishing.....

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8. You can make for both side as shown.
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