Facebook video Monetization

Facebook video Monetization

A good news for the creators and that is that you can now earn from your facebook video by monetize them too.Today I will tell you about  this.Today I will tell you how you can earn money from facebook.

                        We will do comparison between facebook and you tube on which platform can be good for you.First of  all , we talk about its minimum requirements which is that your facebook page should be there,you should have 10000 followers and you  should have 30000 views.Here the condition int the view is that the views will be counted only when the viewer watches more than 1 minute.

                         Secondly in facebook, your video should be longer than 3 minutes for monetization.If you fill up these riquiroments then you can start earning by enabling monetization.

                         If you want to use a specific platforms ,then I would like to give you the recommendation that if you make a releted video from entertainment then you should  go to facebook and if you want to estimate your teacher or any specific questions then you should go as youtube.

                          So in this way you can choose your platform.

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