Emergency calls & information

Emergency calls & information

            Emergency call & information are very useful features in smartphones. Emergency call feature available in all devices and emergency information available  in above android 7.0 nought devices.

  1. Emergency call

To use  Emergency call feature. On the default lock screen, whether using pattern or pin, there is a button at the bottom you can see the option emergency call. The purpose of this feature is so that if there is an emergency you can dial emergency number (911 & 112) without having to unlock phone.

     2.Emergency information

               You can now set contacts and other information on the lock screen using new feature named ‘Emergency information’ it’s available on above android 7.0 above devices. In the event of a personal emergency, a person can tap  the Emergency button and have access to emergency medical information, address of house, get numbers of your family  members to contact them.

             To add emergency information just follow two step as given below

Click on it As shown in image
Fill up info

      To know more details about this visit our YouTube channel to watch video click here.

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